ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku– Best Notebook For me is a combination that fits the needs , performance , portability , aesthetic , vast network of service centers and prices to suit the budget capabilities . While the notebook that would be my favorite must have all of the criteria that is owned by a best notebook comes with features that can spoil and give the user experience ( user experience ) the best .
ASUS Notebook Best and Favorites

Finding a best notebook for me is not easy . But my first step to find the best notebook to recognize my own needs will be a portable computer .

I am a professional blogger who is often invited to corporate events and social , a content writer for several online media and a community activist who frequently travel to give presentations and share in some cities in Indonesia .

To support the work and activities I need a notebook type portable lightweight , easy to carry travel and practical enough to use anywhere at any time needed . Good performance is absolutely necessary that the notebook is able to open many web pages at once while typing a document , fix the slides for the slide presentation and editing photographs and audio and video from digital cameras to make presentations or digital content that I created . Connectivity is another thing that is not negotiable . My notebook must have a Wi- Fi connection that is reliable so as not constrained to connect to the internet , a VGA port so you can easily connect to a projector screen and an HDMI port for connecting to a big screen LCD / Smart TV and multiple USB ports so that I can add a 3G modem and USB other devices .

Looking for a notebook with the criteria I mentioned above as sound easy . The only thing that makes it easier is the availability of the budget . To buy all the criteria that I only have a budget of three million dollars . At that time it took me long enough to compare spec notebooks from many types of different brands , read – read the reviews , comments and ridicule on blogs , Kaskus , and in social media . I began diligently visited exhibitions computer to experiment with his own hand the types of the target notebook . Until the month of July 2013 with full consideration and determination in my heart decided to propose ASUS X201e .
Almost one year using the X201e , the following is the experience that makes Asus Notebook Best and Favorites :
Compact and Portable Notebooks ASUS Best and Favorites



ASUS X201e unibody design in white color is the choice I made ​​this notebook looks modern , sturdy and solid . Notebook screen size 11.6 ” can dikatan slimmest in its class , X201e has a thickness of only 2.12 cm , dimensions ( 30.3 cm x 20.0 cm x 2.12 cm ( WxDxH ) and weighs very light with only 1 , 3 kg .

The size of the notebook that is small and thin enough for me makes it easier to put into the bag , leaving enough space for my content with my stuff the other while traveling . Packed with Bodypack backpack , I still could slip a few books , clothes and t-shirts for a change of clothes when traveling out of town or even when I need a tablet ..

Notebook is quite small and thin it also allows me to at any time and anywhere I remove it from the bag and I could immediately use . This small notebook I can use at the cafe tables are not cramped , in the bleachers waiting room at the train station , in the waiting room at the airport , even when I use the class airfare



Size Notebooks ASUS Best and Favorites are quite small and thin , for me makes it easier to put into the bag , leaving enough space for my content with my stuff the other while traveling . Packed with Bodypack backpack , I still could slip a few books , clothes and t-shirts for a change of clothes when traveling out of town or even when I need a tablet ..

ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku Notebook is quite small and thin it also allows me to at any time and anywhere I remove it from the bag and I could immediately use . This small notebook I can use at the cafe tables are not cramped , in the bleachers waiting room at the train station , in the waiting room at the airport , even when I use economy class airfare , ASUS X201 I can use in cramped airplane seats without worry interfere with the passenger next to me .

The weight of a lightweight notebook is a distinct advantage for me . ASUS X201e will not burden my already skinny body . 1,3 kg weight light enough in my laptop backpack and light enough in many circumstances when I need to bring the notebook with one hand .

Best Performance ASUS Notebooks and Favorites

I would not use the software benchmark for measuring the performance of ASUS X201e . According to my wise and appropriate way to assess the performance of a laptop is to use it as needed to complete the important work of my day-to- day .
As a professional blogger , each day I always read – read content from hundreds of web pages and media online , watch videos on youtube and vimeo technews , listen to podcasts and submitting articles on several blogs and websites .

Open Office , my favorite office program every day, always used to process dukumen , making presentations and sweeten and process data in the form of a spreadsheet for reporting needs and strengthen the important data that I will present in the digital content that I do .

Managing and editing photos is now becoming everyone’s needs . Especially for a professional blogger . ASUS X201e is currently a warehouse the photos I snap both of smartphones and digital cameras , manage and edit photos with the GIMP software before using certain photographs as part of a digital content .




I use ASUS X201 is powered by a Processor : Intel ® Dual Core ULV Celeron ® 847 , Chipset : Intel ® HM76/HM70 Express Chipset and Memory : DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM , OnBoard Memory 4 GB .




With such a configuration the specification , it proved capable notebook I use to run Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with multiple tabs . Not uncommon in the web browser tabs open it play youtube videos HD format . This notebook has 4 GB of RAM selega , the largest number in its class , so using the X201e to a simple photo editing software GIMP , create and edit a podcast with Audacity feels smooth , even when multiple tabs simultaneously open a web browser and Open Office office programs .

ASUS Notebook Connection Best and Favorites
To connect to the network , the ASUS X201e Notebook is equipped with a wireless LAN 802.11 b / g / n . Wi-Fi devices that use the Qualcomm Atheros AR9484 controller is all the experience I was able to pretty quickly connect to different wireless network types and conditions , and is able to provide a stable connection . In an office environment , this notebook has good signal reception even when the distance to the hotspot / access point approximately two walls apart ( 30 meters ) . In public places such as in the cafeteria , at the airport , at the train station that a lot of people passing by , this notebook can still easily and smoothly connected to public Wi-Fi network as Wifi.ID.
To mempertangguh networking capabilities , ASUS equips the X201e with an RJ 45 port to connect to the wired network . In the era of wireless is sometimes connected to the cable network remains an option for a special and crucial needs . Like when we were doing an important transaction and we are concerned about the safety of public Wi-Fi network or when we want to quickly transfer files from / to local file server .

Although the X201e notebook is quite thin with a thickness of 2.12 cm , the ASUS is able to provide ports and connectivity are complete .


This notebook has 3 ports , each of which is a USB 3.0 port and USB 2.0 . The existence of the current USB 3.0 port was important when we need to transfer files – large data files from external USB hard drive or from a USB flash drive . The number of USB ports that can be used for many eg installing 3G/HSDPA modem , printer , USB storage , manage your iPod or smartphone at the same time .

Most thin notebook is only equipped HDMI port to connect to an external display . ASUS X201e comes with an HDMI port and a VGA port as well . Thus X201e can easily connect to a big screen monitor / TV monitors with HDMI connections at once . With X201e I do not need to buy and carry a HDMI to VGA adapter when suddenly I need to connect this notebook with the old projector .

Keyboard and Touch Pad ASUS Notebook Best and Favorites
Designing Keyboard and Touch Pad on a small notebook , small notebook 11.6 ” is a challenge for all notebook manufacturers . For this matter , I think ASUS won with his X201e . First time typing with my X201e feel my fingers are slender and long faster chiclet keyboard with white keys .

The size may be small notebook , but the broad Touch Pad is what everyone wants . Touch Pad broad offering of precision and ease in controlling the movement of the cursor on the screen . ASUS gives broad Touch Pad with alluring designs . Touch Pad on X201e look neat without the presence of mechanical buttons right click and left click . Do not be worrying about the existence of these two important buttons , ASUS around this by designing two buttons hidden beneath the surface of the Touch Pad . The most enjoyable thing for me of this other than the Touch Pad broad surface is muti- touch gesture feature , which has been a familiar feature I use on my smartphone and tablet .

ASUS Notebook Best Video and Favorites below:

or click the link ASUS Notebook Best and Favorites to view videos on youtube
ASUS Notebook Storage Best and Favorites

To install the operating system and storing important data , equip ASUS notebooks with 320 GB Hard Disk . A measure that is roomy enough for me to store the data I need , save a collection of photos, music and videos . In this notebook I divide the space into three partitions of hard disk , where data security sake I put the operating system and programs on a separate partition with the necessary data and data collection of photos , music and videos .

ASUS Notebook Battery Life Best and Favorites
To keep it light weight notebook ASUS put lithium polymer battery , which is almost the same type of batteries used by tablets and smartphones . ASUS X201 battery has a capacity of 42 Whr . In practice , this notebook can be used to work without plugged into a power source in a time long enough for the size of a very thin portable notebook . The capacity of the battery in the notebook I use enough for me to edit documents and presentations in beautifying the air all the way from Yogyakarta to Makassar . X201e battery can last up to three hours when connected to the internet via a Wi – Fi network I use for browsing with multiple tabs open in Google Chrome and Firefox . When used to watch HD videos stored on the hard disk or if the working documents off line , this notebook can last even longer with battery power .

Entertainment , Audio and Video
I am not a Gamer. When a gamer was certainly not going to use the notebook sail 11.6 ” to satisfy his ambition . However, it seems difficult to separate the music going with my life . I listen to music while typing this article while reading the news from sites that I follow , at work preparing digital contents and when are drafting documents and preparing presentations .
ASUS Sonic Master technology embedded into the X201e offers accurate audio reproduction in a thin notebook . The speakers are implanted under the keyboard I feel this notebook is able to produce music that is detailed and rich vocals . Vocal Jason Mraz performed ” Hey Love ” feels very good and enjoyed by close to my ear . Music playing from the awesome sound X201e ears when I tried to use the iPhone headset 5s . No wonder that with this notebook I linger alone on the terrace behind the house to browse , read and read and complete the productive work while listening to music that is processed by ASUS Sonic Master audio technology .




X201e notebook has a 11.6 screen ” , is not wide enough , but the pixel resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels powered by Intel HD Graphics make it able to play high definition videos without any problems . With this notebook I can freely watch HD videos clip of my favorite artist on Youtube , watch TED videos , watch the latest movie trailers HD format even watch HD movie collection that are saved on the hard disk of this notebook .

ASUS Notebook Portable Battery Charger Best and Favorites
Notebook batteries to charge in a new place is often troublesome . I need to find a place where there where the power jack , take the charger out of the bag , charger cable parse rolled , carefully put the charger in a safe place and do not interfere , then use it .

The first time you open the packaging ASUS X201e Notebook , I was surprised to get a charger X201e is small , lightweight and practical . The innovative design of the charger in the shape and size is not much different from my smartphone charger . Parse and charger cable neatly rolled I felt this was easy . It is suitable for people who want fast-paced and practical like me .

Warranty and Service Center
Almost all of today’s notebook product warranty, both parts and labor . The problem is that not all brands and manufacturers of notebook has an extensive service network in major cities in Indonesia . Warranty clear and extensive network of service centers are free of certainty anxiety provided by Asus . Asus provides a one year warranty and has a service center in Yogyakarta is located at : Main Commercial Commercial 3 , Jalan Gajah Mada kav 21-23 . R – 2 ( 0274 ) 510 737 .
Along with the increasingly complex demands of work and challenging , the need for reliable computing device in accordance with the development of technology was inevitable . As a tech blogger , I believe that the front-runner in the proper use of information technology is important to bring capital to the achievement of the living room .

Throughout the year 2013 , ASUS X201e has indeed been proven to give the best of my experience as a notebook both at home and in the work arena . But this time I started counting again workloads and what needs my notebook in 6 to 18 months to come. On paper , I will need a notebook with a higher computing capabilities , more nimble processor with a Pentium i7 , 8 GB RAM at least , non- reflective screen Full HD resolution IPS technology , endurance ( stamina ) and a longer battery thanks grateful that offers technology that combines the toughness of a notebook and a tablet kepraktisane . So I do not need to pack the notebook and tablet in the same bag while traveling .
Currently I ‘m glancing ASUS Taichi 21 , the ASUS ZENBOOK and ASUS Multimedia Series Touch N550JV . I want to make sure that where the ASUS product between performance and price is most fitting to my needs and financial capabilities . Which one is most appropriate for the groom to be ASUS Notebook Best and Favorites in 2014 . 🙂
ASUS Notebook Terbaik dan Favoritku So that I can convey information about ASUS Notebook Best and Favorites , may be useful , and do not forget to share with facebook share button click , twitter , pinterest below this post . thank you


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