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Paket internet   –  Paket Internet Murah
Who is not familiar with the provider Axis, axis is one provider that offers a very crazy promo aka large scale, in 2014 many users Axis of promo broadcast on television, the internet and other media so on.
To How Axis Internet package list  there are some many options that you choose to get internet access, so Internet users can memelih axis selection according to the budget or the ability to be in the purchase price.

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Cara Daftar Paket internet axis

When you start the registration package deals , you have to prepare for the credit in your card in the package submitted to the Internet, and your pulse will be depleted due to the buyer of the internet package.

Various kinds of the latest Axis Internet Packages

  • Package Deals Gaul
  • Daily Internet Package
  • Package Deals Smartphone
  • Axis Pro Package Deals

The internet package you can see below, to get an understanding, the axis internet provider’s modem package, if I personally really is quite cheap and speeding, let see below how penjelasanya

Daily Internet Package Axis Speeding

Daily Internet Package Axis specification can be seen ditabel below.
15 MB 1 Day 1,000

For registration you can just press * 123 # from Axis phone number you have, and you can follow the step by step instructions contained in the menu.

How to Register Internet Package Axis Gaul Speeding:

will be able to press * 123 # on Axis number of phone you have and then follow and Choose the package to suit your needs

If you want to stop internet package then can directly type / select STOP your package with:

Send SMS to  123
Monthly STOP (space) GAULBULANAN

Speeding Gaul Axis Internet Package

Specifications Package Axis Gaul internet you can see below ditabel
Package Unlimited
200 MB Weekly  Rp. 9,900
1.5 GB Monthly  Rp. 34,900

Axis Pro Package Deals

Normal capacity
Monthly Basic 49,000 2 GB
Monthly Premium 79,000 3 GB
Monthly Ultimate 149,000 6 GB

How to list Axis Pro package:

Press * 123 * 2 # and select Axis Pro Unlimited
Next, you can choose a package according to the needs

Package Deals Axis Smartphone

Basic Smartphone Pack
Premium Smartphone Pack
Unlimited FREE
200 minutes call to all AXIS
AXIS 200 SMS to all
FREE Unlimited
Calls and SMS to all AXIS unlimited
SMS to other operators in 1000
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If you want to change the package then you must first stop for the previous package, if you do not stop it immediately decreases your pulse if the pulse is still enough with the previous package. For how to stop the package can perform steps like this:

Name of Package
Send To  123
Weekly STOP (space) AXISProMingguan
Monthly Basic STOP (space) AXISProBasic
Monthly Premium STOP (space) AXISProPremium
Monthly Ultimate STOP (spasiAXISProUltimate
Now that’s some ways how menaktikan Internet packages and Internet packages in order to register smarphone hp or you can connect to the internet with speeding fast and cheap.

Several tutorials on how to How to register internet package Axis Smartphone, to get more information details you * 123 * 2 * 7 # on your SIM Card Axis.
You can also enjoy other axis that offers some bonus features and bonus
you can contact the call center 838 for more details.

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